BERNARD the POET (BtP) - A coffee blossom honey mead finished with Hopscotch coffee.

CYSER PUNK - Mead made with cinnamon, ginger and apple cider. A kick in the teeth and a kiss on the lips.

FIRST DATE - Mead finished with dates that provides a delightful backdrop to clover honey and tart apple cider.

ENZY’S GOLD - Citrus, cloves and apple cider combined with clover honey for bright start and complex finish.

HOPBERRY BLUE - Centennial hops give a floral aroma to this delicious mead made with blueberries.

HOPBERRY RED - Blue’s cousin brings red raspberries to the mix.

LITTLE DARLA - Pure alfalfa honey makes this traditional mead semi-sweet and a little spicy.

MELODI - Inspired by a beloved patron, this wildflower honey mead is made with lemon and lavender.

SUNSPOT - Orange blossom honey and vanilla beans give this mead a complex sweeter finish.